Staledated but ever fresh: How to be a progressive witch on US Thanksgiving

With any luck, the same people will be witchin’ and bitchin’ next year too. From Rebecca Ruiz at Mashable:

This Thanksgiving, don’t play nice—bring out your inner nasty woman instead

Me: Especially if, as it happens, everyone is sick of you and no one cares whether you live or die. But all strive to be polite…

This Thanksgiving, though, is different. There’s election-based dread in the air—fear that the holiday will devolve into partisan family fistfights. Amid calls for empathy, though, let’s be clear about one thing: Women don’t have to smile. They don’t have to keep the peace. In fact, we should consider abandoning our graciousness—and all of the emotional labor that goes with it.

We should embrace our inner “nasty woman.” She, who gleefully shimmies after her opponent tries to land a knock-out punch, but instead spins himself in circles. Even when she loses, she holds her spine like it’s steel and gets up to fight another day. The nasty woman may try diplomacy first, but she won’t tolerate bullying or cruelty. And at the nasty woman’s dinner table, love still trumps hate.

How would Nasty Woman know about love trumping hate? She gives no sense of ever having tried the former. And then:

Lynne, who didn’t feel comfortable using her real name, says she knows this burden well, as a Hillary supporter married to a Trump supporter. “I’m faced with a deluge of mansplaining, and then have to articulately and calmly direct the conversation back to a place of logic and reason,” says the 26-year-old, who lives in Tucson, Arizona. “I almost take on a motherly role in explaining.” More.

Reality check: Whatta tragedy. Lynne must decide whether she wants to have a marriage and a family (and an extended family) or to expend her life hating Donald Trump.

I bet even the women who love Trump do not say he is worth that.

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