Homeschooled teens helped Trump win election?

From Ledyard King at USA Today:

Founded in 2003 by Christian political activist Mike Farris and the Home School Legal Defense Association, Generation Joshua is based at Patrick Henry College in Northern Virginia. Aside from running a summer camp to expose students to real-life political scenarios, the organization supplies conservative campaigns with dozens of motivated, well-disciplined teenagers adept at connecting with voters and staying on message.

The campaigns covered almost all of the expenses this cycle, such as food, gas and lodging, In turn, they provided the teenage volunteers with specific doors to knock on during the day and homes to call at night with very clear instructions on what to tell voters.

Joel Grewe, who runs Generation Joshua, said even politics-weary residents wary of canvassers tend to open their doors to teenagers. More.

Reality check: How on earth are progressives going to maintain their stranglehold on North America, to diminish us as peoples, ridicule our achievements, and parcel out our riches if teens are taught to be effective instead of needy, greedy, and useless?

See also: College kids need help coping with US election coping with US election. Even though they live in a free society where they were allowed to vote and volunteer for campaigns This is the style we should all encourage, right?