Complaints about Trump not being normal are hypocritical

From Jonah Goldberg at Townhall:

Trump, and it should make you very scared,” proclaims a headline at Salon. HBO’s haughty in-house mocker, John Oliver, says, “Optimism is nice if you can swing it, but you’ve got to be careful, because it can feed into the normalization of Donald Trump — and he’s not normal.”More.

Reality check: But progressives are the people who, decade after decade, sneered at the very idea of “normality.” Can they now, in good faith, resurrect the idea?

Oh, wait. We are talking about progressives here. They can resurrect 2 + 2 = 5 if they can muster sufficient political power. They get a chance to try every election, just while the rest of us think we have had a breather from the ongoing destruction.

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Top “First Lady” designer won’t dress Melania

Ottawa baker refuses to bake Trump treats Guess what, he was allowed to refuse. To non-progressives, that is normal. Freedom of conscience and all that. Not allowed to Christian bakers in the United States any more though.