Interview with Howard Bloom – Part I

“My introduction to Islamic culture came in 1962. In the back of a library file on the Middle East, I found several English-language pamphlets printed by the Arab League, a coalition of twelve leading Arab governments. The pamphlets tried to reach people like you and me with an extremely urgent “clarification” of historical errors. First, the Holocaust, the mass murder of six million Jews by Germany’s Nazis, was a charade, a hoax. It never happened.” — Howard Bloom.

“Millions of Muslims envision Islam as a religion of tolerance, pluralism, and peace. But there is a blunt fact staring us in the face…. For Allah and His Messenger demand that Muslims be on top. They demand that Muslims allow others to live only if they take a role as second-class citizens in a purely Muslim state and pay the jizya, a tax designed to shame. And they demand that Islam rule every inch of land on God’s own speck of dust — the planet Earth.”