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The Democrats’ real strategy in launching recounts

The recount in Wisconsin, and the coming ones in Michigan and Pennsylvania will not change the outcomes in any of the states. No recount ever changes thousands of votes. I do not think that is the purpose.


German Left Parties Conspire to Prevent Migrant Deportations

The parties of the German left – the Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens, and Die Linke (the Left) – want to open up potential paths for failed asylum seekers to become residents rather than deport them. Already, the new left-wing coalition government in the German capital of Berlin are using their power to prevent deportations in the city.


Trudeau in hot water over “pay for play” but Clinton parallels don’t end there

Justin Trudeau is in some hot water over the Trudeau Foundation, which he says he hasn’t been involved with since he was first elected to the House of Commons.


Syrian Migrant Caught at Border with Bomb-Making Materials Was Let Go

A Syrian migrant and known Islamic State sympathiser was stopped at the Danish-German border after he was found to have materials for making explosives – but was let go by German police.


Ontario Imam: “Islam defines that puberty is the age of consent for marriage”

Based on Mohammad’s marriage to 9-year-old Aisha, a prominent Imam from London, Ontario explains, that Islam defines puberty as the minimum age of consent for marriage and adds capability as a condition.


While Obama gives Hillary-donating celebs medals, actor Gary Sinise spends Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

You would be hard-pressed to find an American who does more for the troops than actor Gary Sinise, the tireless advocate who, through the Gary Sinise Foundation, spends much of his time looking out for their interests.

Sinise spent his Thanksgiving at Kandahar Air Force Base in Afghanistan, serving Thanksgiving dinner to U.S. forces.

…you know, something presidents used to do in America, as one social media user noted.


‘Everyday Feminism’ Demands Men Check Their Privilege in Gender Neutral Bathrooms

For social justice warriors, who lack any real religion, gender neutral bathrooms are the closest thing they have to a church. Thus, this sacred safe space must not be tarnished in any way, especially by cis male scum.

And thanks to Everyday Feminism, men like me have a handy guide to “checking our privilege” when entering the hallowed ground of a gender neutral bathroom.


Nazi swastikas painted by vandals inside Swedish mosque

Vandals have broken into a Stockholm mosque and spray-painted Nazi swastikas and messages of hate on its walls.

Only one worshiper was present in the mosque in Bredäng, a southern area of the Swedish capital, when the unidentified attackers entered.


The End Game: What the Immigration Lobby Has in Store for Us

It has been an ongoing story that never lets up. Ordinary working metro-Vancouverites, including double-income families, are being displaced by big foreign money and in-migration. Not only can they not afford a down payment or qualify for a mortgage, in a growing number of cases they can’t even pay the rent, assuming they find an apartment or basement suite.


Trudeau announces additional $112.8 million for international aid projects

While attending the XVI Summit of La Francophonie in Madagascar, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Sunday, November 27, 2016 that the Canada will provide $112.8 million for international aid projects that will benefit several African countries and Haiti.

According to the official statement, this funding will:

“contribute to projects that aim to fight climate change, empower women, and protect their rights”
“will be used to stimulate economic growth, which will create job opportunities for young people and women, and to counter terrorism and prevent radicalization.”