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Humans ‘don’t have 10 years’ left thanks to climate change

There’s no point trying to fight climate change – we’ll all be dead in the next decade and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, a visiting scientist claims.

Guy McPherson, a biology professor at the University of Arizona, says the human destruction of our own habitat is leading towards the world’s sixth mass extinction.

Instead of fighting, he says we should just embrace it and live life while we can.


Rhode Island: Providence mayor issues exec order to create sharia advisory board

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has signed an executive order that he says is aimed at better protecting Muslim-American residents from discrimination.

The order, signed by the mayor Tuesday, establishes a new Muslim-American Advisory Board. The five-member volunteer panel will advise Elorza on policies that affect Muslim Americans in an effort to reinforce the city’s founding principles of religious freedom, Elorza said.

Elorza said the decision to establish the board came in response to Donald Trump’s election as president. During his campaign, the president-elect made mention of a ban on Muslim immigration and implementing a Muslim registry.


The Entire Internet History of UK Citizens Now Viewable by Government Organizations Such as Police, Military, Taxes, Jobs and Pensions

The Investigatory Powers Bill forces internet providers to keep a full record of every site visited by each of its customers for over a year. Of course, government accounts are exempt from this Orwellian law.


The “Suck It Up Buttercup” Bill is Real and Punishes Campus Cry Rooms

As if you haven’t noticed, liberals are losing their collective sh*t in a big way. Weeping. Mourning. Marching. Facebook Ranting. It’s dark times if you’re a liberal. Move to Canada, it’s over.

Things are so bad in fact, that many colleges have set up counseling for depressed students. Some professors have cancelled exams, classes, and basically any kind of teaching. Seriously, how is a twenty-something Millennial supposed to focus on classes when the entire democracy is crumbling? (Don’t tell them it’s a Republic)


Judge Jeanine May Be Considering a Job in the Trump Administration

Jeanine Pirro is said to be in the running for a top job in the Trump administration.

The Fox News host and former Westchester DA — a longtime friend and early backer of President-elect Donald Trump — was spotted on Thursday morning going into Trump Tower with Rudy Giuliani.


How a Major Migrant Revolt in Bulgaria is Spiraling out of Control and is Being Completely Ignored by the Media

Some 3000 migrants from the Middle East (mainly Afghanistan) have made their way into Harmanli, a small Bulgarian hamlet of about 20,000 residence near the Bulgarian-Turkish boarder. The mostly male host of migrants are now violently rioting as a means of protesting the local authorities for their lack of free compensation and medical welfare.

The situation has become dire in recent days due to the outbreak of numerous viruses and infectious diseases such as malaria, scabies, and a variety of skin diseases among the migrant population.

After many weeks of being in denial about the situation (due mainly to the fact that they could not do much about it), the local government admitted that there was indeed a problem. And as a means of deterrence, the municipal government has instructed the authorities to secure the migrant center in order to contain the situation.

That unfortunately did not work, and now there are thousands of migrant men who have violently erupted into a fit of rage – setting fire to buildings, trashing businesses and wreaking havoc for the already fatigued Bulgarian town of Harmanli.


Perils of Climate Change Could Swamp Coastal Real Estate

Rising sea levels are changing the way people think about waterfront real estate. Though demand remains strong and developers continue to build near the water in many coastal cities, homeowners across the nation are slowly growing wary of buying property in areas most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

A warming planet has already forced a number of industries — coal, oil, agriculture and utilities among them — to account for potential future costs of a changed climate. The real estate industry, particularly along the vulnerable coastlines, is slowly awakening to the need to factor in the risks of catastrophic damage from climate change, including that wrought by rising seas and storm-driven flooding.


Ontario may create new northern ridings primarily for First Nations communities

Ontario may create at least one new northern riding in addition to 15 new seats that will be added for the 2018 election because of population growth, and it could result in the election of the province’s first indigenous member of the legislature.


“The CBC needs to be dismantled” Kellie Leitch promises to KILL the CBC if she becomes Prime Minister

In a press release yesterday, Leitch said “I strongly disagree with the stance taken by fellow leadership candidate Maxime Bernier and his call for CBC reform – the CBC doesn’t need to be reformed it needs to be dismantled. The measure of a conservative is in their efforts to, as the great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher described it, ‘roll back the frontiers of the state.’ Maxime’s plan doesn’t do that. Mine does.”


Ontario researchers come to a gripping finding: most winter boots are too slippery

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute worked out a new rating system for winter boots. Then it tested 98 models of both safety and casual boots and found that 90 per cent didn’t meet even their minimum standard.