Canada’s Hillary


Like the Clintons, the Trudeau family has its very own save-the-world NGO — the “Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation” — run by a board full of various washed-up but well-connected politicians, bureaucrats and CEOs (Justin himself only quit in 2015).

Like the Clinton Foundation, it seems to exist primarily to keep the family brand in good graces through vague and innocuous activism. And like the Clinton Foundation, it seems to have no problem swallowing large sums of foreign cash.

Which is exactly what the Globe says they got from Zhang Bin, president of the China Cultural Industry Association, an authorized organ of the Chinese state that lobbies abroad for Beijing’s interests.

Zhang apparently spearheaded a $200,000 donation to the Trudeau foundation shortly after attending a Liberal Party fundraiser last May, which included a who’s-who of the globalist Chinese elite. In addition, the Globe reported, $50,000 was donated to pay for a statue of Pierre Trudeau, and another $750,000 will go to fund University of Montreal Faculty of Law scholarships.

Canadian campaign finance laws forbid foreign donations and explicit quid-pro-quo, but creative minds can get around this.

(Y’all should check out the author, J.J. McCullough.)