Top “First Lady” designer won’t dress Melania

From Chloe Bryan at Mashable:

For designers, dressing the First Lady has long been a surefire way to increase brand visibility.

But when Melania Trump enters the White House, Sophie Theallet won’t throw her hat in the ring.Theallet, a French designer who immigrated to the United States in the mid-1990s, pledged never to dress Melania in an open letter posted to her Twitter account on Thursday.

“As someone who celebrates and strives for diversity, individual freedom and respect for all lifestyles, I will not participate in dressing … the next First Lady,” she wrote.

Theallet went on to admit that while her vow was not necessarily the best economic decision for her brand, her values — and the values of her company — took precedence. More.

Reality check: Rubbish. Theallet will be amply rewarded for her snub by progressive billionaires’ ladies. And it looks as though Melania won’t need her that badly. World unfolding as it should, for once.

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