Progressives nuke U.S. Thanksgiving

From Matt Vespa at Matt Vespa:

Remember when we mocked the Obama administration for wanting American families to talk about Obamacare at Thanksgiving. No one really talks about health insurance during while eating turkey or watching football. Well, it looks like liberals are once again proving that they don’t have the maturity to handle differences of opinion as the holidays draw nearer. Liberals are disinviting their pro-Trump relatives from Thanksgiving and other events. No, I’m dead serious. A bride and her fiancé are moving their planned wedding to Italy to prevent relatives who voted for Trump from coming; some relatives can’t travel that far. Others have endured abuse from siblings and family members via text over the election—and yes, there are those who are simply refusing to sit at the same table with those who voted to Make America Great Again (via NYT): More.

Reality check: Smile and relax. If anti-Christmas rules are anything to go by, Thanksgiving would soon have been in these people’s sights anyway. At least now they are the only one who don’t get to celebrate it.

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