How Trump Should Tackle Illegal Immigration

He can start by sending a clear message that unlawful migrants will be sent home.

President-elect Donald Trump has made big promises regarding illegal immigration, which was the signature issue of his campaign. From building a wall on the Mexican border to ending municipal “sanctuary” policies to removing illegal aliens, Trump has given himself a difficult job, laden with complex tactical and political considerations. What first steps can he reasonably take to demonstrate that he is serious about the issue?

America is essentially addicted to illegal immigration. In the familiar formula, the Right craves cheap labor and the Left hungers for a large, reliable voting bloc. Like many addicts, the nation is unwilling either to admit the extent of its problem or do anything decisive about it. As a result, we’ve given millions of people a mixed message about whether they’ll be able to stay here, and tacitly encouraged a two-track system of legal and illegal immigration.