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LOL: Recalled ‘Madam President’ Newsweek Magazine Leaked Online!

Someone leaked a full copy of Newsweek’s recalled “Madam President” magazine — it’s hilarious.

Newsweek licensee Topix Media, who created the magazine, said 125,000 copies with Hillary Clinton on the cover were printed and shipped, though only 17 were actually sold.

What a perfect example of “fake news.”


Mike Pence On Hamilton: “I Wasn’t Offended; That’s What Freedom Sounds Like”

Vice President Elect Mike Pence provided a much needed de-escalation on Sunday morning (even as Trump continued to troll the left) when he responded to the political lecture he received on Friday night from the cast of the Broadway show Hamilton which urged the Indiana governor to uphold the country’s values in a personal message after a show, and speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday he said he “wasn’t offended.”

Finally, Pence offered praise for the sold-out show: “Hamilton is just an incredible production and incredibly talented people. It was a real joy to be there,” Pence said.

Pence noted when he arrived at the show, he heard a few boos and some cheers. “And I nudged my kids and reminded them, that’s what freedom sounds like,” Pence said.

United States of America Labour movement, workers union strike concept with male fists raised in the air fighting for their rights, American national flag in out of focus background.

Are Government Puppet Masters Using Riots to Incite a Civil War?

Readers and fellow warriors in the war of sustainability, the election may have been finished, but the unrest is not. I mention “may” have been finished, as the electors of the Electoral Vote have not weighed in on their final verdict. That verdict, due on December 19 may even be amended or reversed, with the entire thing not coming before Congress until January 6. In the meantime, civil disorder is increasing throughout the U.S. in both frequency and locations.


Trudeau, APEC leaders look to put softer face on globalization to battle Trump

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was to hold informal talks on Sunday with U.S. President Barack Obama at the APEC summit in Peru — a gathering of leaders who are largely focused on free trade, but also on the absent U.S. president-elect, who is seen as protectionist.

The issue of Trump and trade briefly arose when Trudeau attended a breakfast meeting with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who quipped, “Lots to talk about, big political changes in your neighbourhood I hear.”


‘Real Ottawa’ shows its face at rally against racism

“Welcome to the real Ottawa.”

With those five simple words from Rabbi Reuven Bulka Saturday morning, the faith leader elicited a round of applause that filled the Machzikei Hadas Synagogue and threatened not to end.

The synagogue was one of several religious institutions targeted by racist and anti-Semitic graffiti this past week.


‘We’ve always been seen as a threat,’ says former N.W.T. premier of RCMP surveillance revelations

A recently revealed program of police surveillance across Canada is “alarming” and a “threat to our own security,” says former Northwest Territories premier Stephen Kakfwi.

He’s “not surprised,” however, to hear that more than 300 Indigenous-rights activists, many of whom are Indigenous themselves, were investigated by RCMP as part of a surveillance program called Project SITKA, launched in 2014.


‘Like That’: Winnipeg drop-in lets people discover who they are through drag

Like That, a program that runs Mondays at Sunshine House drop-in centre, gives people space to explore their gender and sexual identity.

“It’s a program for folks who don’t feel safe in other areas or places in the city to explore sexuality and gender and what it means to them. So it’s not just drag, it’s about building community and letting people be themselves free of judgment,” says Like That co-founder Levi Foy.


College ditches Old Glory after flag-burning incident

Hampshire College has decided not to fly any flags at all on campus after students lowered, then burned, an American flag hanging from a campus flagpole on the eve of Veterans Day.

Jonathan Lash, the president of Hampshire College, sent out an email Friday to notify students that “we will not fly the U.S. flag or any other flags at Hampshire for the time being.”


Nice Timing: ‘Hamilton’ Stunt Happens As Broadway ‘Needs Republican Votes’ To Get Tax Break

The cast of Hamilton’s idiotic stunt may cost their executives a pretty penny.

With Obama at the helm in 2015, Broadway producers were given special tax breaks by Congress.

Now that Republicans have control of the House, Senate and presidency, their special treatment is likely going to end.

“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant of the Hamilton cast to embarrass Pence at a time when Broadway needs Republican votes in Congress. Genius,” former New York Times journalist Joel Engel said of the incident on Twitter.


In bold new step, Dutch science academy holds women-only elections

Sorry guys—this time it’s women only. That’s the message the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) here has for male researchers during two special elections. In order to reduce its perpetual gender imbalance—87% of its 556 members are men—the academy seeks to recruit 10 new members in 2017 and six more in 2018, all with two X chromosomes.