Communists and Socialists Going Bonkers Over Trump

Are communists any different from Democrats in abhorring the election of Donald Trump?

If you’re in the mood for a little levity this weekend, take a gander at the websites of Communist Party USA, People’s World, and the Democratic Socialists of America (among other leftists-in-arms), where they are going absolutely bonkers over Donald Trump’s big win.

To say that these comrades had been ready for Hillary is an understatement. Since early summer, with the defeat of their beloved Bernie, it was as if the ghost of Saul Alinsky had leapt into their collective keyboards and started typing copy for their girl-wonder. They were fired up for Mrs. Clinton, clearly seeing her as the next Democratic Party revolutionary to pick up Obama’s torch of fundamental transformation. It is a tragic testimony to the party of Truman and JFK that the modern Democratic agenda is hard to separate from the goals of Communist Party USA.