Free-Range Jihadi Miraculously Cured Of Jihadi Ways

Crown withdraws terrorism peace bond against Toronto man once accused of communicating with ISIL

TORONTO — A part-time Toronto security guard and business student, Abdul Aldabous came to the attention of RCMP national security investigators last April when information surfaced that he was communicating with ISIL terrorists.

His online confidants allegedly included the failed Canadian suicide bomber Aaron Driver, an American killed while attempting an ISIL-linked attack in Texas, a prominent ISIL fighter in Syria, and Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist.

When the RCMP arrested Aldabous on a terrorism peace bond in September 2015, a search of his computer turned up materials, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant handbook, reflecting his support for what a court document called “the radical jihadist cause.”

But he’s all better now….