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With Trump’s Signature, Dozens of Obama’s Rules Could Fall

Dozens of major regulations passed recently by the Obama administration — including far-reaching changes on health care, consumer protections and environmental safety — could be undone with the stroke of a pen by Donald J. Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress starting in January, thanks to a little-used law that dates back to 1996.

And it comes with a scorched-earth kicker: If the law is used to strike down a rule, the federal agency that issued it is barred from enacting similar regulation again in the future.


Congressman with ties to Nation of Islam wants DNC job

In the postmortem of a very disappointing election, Democrats are taking steps to re-create their party as they prepare for a very gloomy-looking future. But if you think that means they will work on becoming the more-inclusive party they always claimed to be, you’d be wrong. Instead, they appear to be even more resolute in their dedication to the extremist, left-wing philosophy that cost them the election.


Let’s talk about Canadian values

Why are the liberal elites so afraid? Why is the media doing their best to spin this story? Why can’t the left drop their ideology for a minute and look at the basic facts?

These are questions we – and many Canadians – have after watching the ridiculous coverage of the Canadian values conversation.


Liberals restore $25 million in funding to controversial Palestinian aid agency

The federal Liberals are providing $25 million to a UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees that was cut off by the previous Conservative government for alleged ties to Hamas.

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau made the announcement at a news conference and also during question period in the House of Commons — news that was greeted by cries of “shame” from the opposition benches.


Irony: Liberals can’t move to Canada because of their tough immigration laws

Every presidential election, liberals threaten to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t end up in the Oval Office. This year’s election was no different with liberal celebrities like Raven-Symoné, Lena Dunham, and Bryan Cranston threatening to head to the Great White North if Hillary Clinton didn’t take the presidency, or, rather, if Trump did.

Many liberal millennials made the same claim and a surge in traffic actually knocked Canada’s immigration website offline after Trump was declared the winner. There’s just one problem with their plan: Canada probably doesn’t want them.