Useful Idiots In Ottawa More Concerned They Might Offend Islamists Than Stating True Scope Of Muslim Terror Threat

ISIS, ISIL or something else? Declassified documents reveal struggle over what to call terrorists

“…Declassified documents released under the Access to Information Act show how Canadian officials struggled with language as they drafted a key report on terrorism in the age of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…

“…An RCMP analyst said the report failed to recognize the “wide-ranging nature” of the terrorist threat, particularly the danger posed by “ ‘lower-risk’ activities such as the perpetuation of violent ideologies, recruiters, facilitators and fundraising.”

Michel Coulombe, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, was concerned about the report’s reference to the roughly 180 Canadians overseas taking part in terrorist activities — including about 100 in Syria and Iraq.

“The number does not take into account other individuals of concern, including those who aspire to travel, those whose travel has been thwarted, those who are abroad but not fully identified, and those who do not want to travel but still could pose a threat to Canada’s security,” he wrote.

The Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre’s view that the “greatest threat” to Canada, as well as its allies, “comes from individuals inspired and directed by ISIL” never made it into the final report.

You have to wonder how much is being held back.