Oprah now targeted on Twitter for not badmouthing Trump

From Marcus Gilmer at Mashable:

It all started on Thursday, Nov. 10, when a subdued President-elect Donald Trump visited President Barack Obama in the White House. After seeing the brief (awkward) photo-op, celebrity goddess Oprah Winfrey tweeted her thoughts, which included calls for patience and hope.

To drive the point home, Oprah, who endorsed Hillary in the race, went back to the well during an appearance on Entertainment Tonight: “It gave me hope… to hear President-Elect Trump say he had respect for President Obama, it felt he had reached a moment where he was actually humbled by that experience … I think everybody can take a deep breath.” More.

Reality check: Progressives aren’t supposed to need patience and hope. They need picket signs and crackdowns on opponents.

Surprising Oprah did not see it coming, but there is a curious story about her and the Obama regime, which I summarized here in 2012:

It is distressing to learn that the Obamas dissed Oprah Winfrey, after she sacrificed so much to help them (in Klein’s version, at any rate (pp 137-46). But that is what you get when you lose your own social power in order to help others to imperial greatness. If Oprah didn’t know that, whatever was she thinking?

It’s the same with the Chicago African-American business professor, Steven Rogers (p. 32), to whose students Obama made grand promises. Welching on them later, Obama said to him, “Come on man, you should know better when politicians make promises.” Well, shouldn’t Rogers have known better? Knowing Obama’s ambition and narcissism, shouldn’t he have made sure he had something “on him” before he risked his local reputation to extend his support to him?

The best argument for African-American equality today is that the Obamas — products of the new wealthy African-American class — can behave just like the Clintons did (they also were famous for road kill). – More.

Good thing Oprah is pretty resilient.

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