How Selling Out Women To Transgender Bullies Helped Elect Donald Trump

This summer, liberals chose transsexual bathroom access over women’s rights. Though Democrats won’t acknowledge it, that betrayal helped Donald Trump win.

The New York Times’ gender editor, Susan Chira, castigated white women this past weekend for betraying all women. Noting that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump, Chira laments the fact that “women did not link arms,” and quotes Salamishah Tillet saying the following: “[A] sense of betrayal is sincere and comes from a place in which there was an optimism about solidarity from white-collar women. It’s not like black people or Latino people aren’t sexist and patriarchal. But when we thought about our self and collective best interest, we voted for Clinton.”

Hold on just a moment. Did Chira just imply that these women betrayed the Democratic Party and its nominee, and by extension, all women?