Why the mainstream media was doomed to call the US election wrong

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

The other day, MercatorNet’s editor described the mainstream media, stunned by the Trump victory, as “spectacularly clueless”

And for a moment, I saw the ghost of Pauline Kael (1919–2001) hovering over the newsroom terminals. Perhaps not many people remember the legendary film critic now but she became famous for her remark, after Nixon’s win in 1972, that she simply did not know more than one person who voted for him.

Many decried her snobbery. But if we focus on that, we miss the point: Kael was a culture critic. It was her job to know people across the spectrum, to more fully interpret the culture. In reality, however, before the internet, media interpreted the world for the masses they despised or patronized. The average citizen could not easily access information and news services without a gatekeeper. Kael’s ignorance came at little cost to herself. On the contrary, fashionable media defended her as a genius assailed by bigoted lowlifes.

As media reel from the results of last week’s election, ignorance is no longer so Cool. This may be the first election where the way in which the internet is destroying mainstream media’s gatekeeper role is apparent to all. There had been earlier warning signs, to be sure. Here are a couple that grabbed my interest: More.

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