“Peak Toronto smugness”: Welcome to Canlandia

Thanks to our American friend, John Gilmore: From Jessica Johnson at Walrus:

As the United States descends into a vicious culture war, Trudeau’s Canada has become a beacon of tolerance and, dare we say, coolness

Some of the most significant evidence of our newfound status can be found at the margins of water cooler conversations and social media: the kind of appreciation you can’t manipulate. Pinterest boards on both sides of the border shared a panel from a 1991 Archie comics strip in which Veronica, her hand lifted in a classic primping motion, poses against the skylines of cities from Halifax to Vancouver: “I thought I was the coolest thing in North America . . . until I visited Canada!” After the election of Justin Trudeau, and his subsequent appearance in Vogue, some Americans saw a reflection of their own history and made reference to “Canada’s Camelot.” More.

Reality check: There is no evidence that the United States is descending into a vicious culture war. The people whose identity in life consists of acting out (identity, entitlement, grievance) are descending; others are not.

Canada is a beacon of coolness and tolerance? Not if you are a baby (easiest abortion up to time of birth in Western world), a granny (euthanasia galloping ahead), or a doctor who doesn’t want to help kill either of them.

For now. There will be other targets later, of course.

But notice, it never sounds to the Toronto Smug like a vicious culture war when the doctor who won’t kill people is persecuted and forbidden to practice. Or grossly bigoted attacks on a Christian university. Or a taxpayer who watches wealth set aside for our grandchildren squandered on Trudeau’s Cool.

However, Canadians have chosen this path. Those who of us suffer—who actually voted for it, for whatever reason—can take a bath in it. Pity only those who didn’t, or now repent, or never had a choice.

If historic trends hold, it will take a decade before Canadians finally tire of our chatterati’s loathsome virtue signalling for death and oppression.

Unfortunately, for most of us to see them at their worst, bad things must happen here—bad things that we would still have the courage to recognize as such. And the much greater courage to fight.

Fortunately, the mainstream media will be even more crippled then than now, which reduces the value of Smug as a brand.

Yet the biggest fight is within: to free ourselves from every vestige and encumbrance of Smug’s way of thinking and restore dignity to human life.

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