Ottawa baker refuses to bake Trump treats

Faces no charges. From Adam Hemens at Metro News:

Moulin de Provence bakery — home of the famous “Obama cookies” — isn’t planning on making a special treat for the U.S. president-elect, according to store manager Maxime Lemay.

“We’re not a fan of Trump. I’m not doing any Trump cookies,” he said.

Some customers feel the same way, and have asked the bakery not to make any special treats in honour of Trump.

“According to what I’ve been hearing from customers, there’s not too many fans of him. Customers have told me not to do the Trump cookies,” said Jorge Martinez, a manager at the bakery.

Lemay had plans to market a “Hillary Clinton cookie,” but had to scrap the idea after the final results of the election.

“We actually did a Hillary cookie. We made them the day before because I was 100 per cent sure she was going to win. I made 100 cookies, but we had to recycle them,” Lemay said.

As for the Obama cookies, Lemay said that they’re here to stay.

“He’s done now, but we’re gonna keep them. I hope that he’ll come back. He can come back — maybe not as the president — but it would be nice to have him back,” he said. More.

Reality check: Had Lemay been a Christian baker in “Obama’s America,” he might have faced a worse fate than having to throw out a bunch of stale cookies. Neither he nor reporter Hemens raises that.

Oh, but wait, that other guy was a Christian so he doesn’t have the usual rights of artists.

No wonder media like Metro are obsolete (except that one needs them for “Scotch broadloom”.*)

* Old-fashioned slang for newsprint put down on a floor to catch mud, etc.

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