Germany: Police raid 200 addresses linked to Muslim group

German police on Tuesday raided 200 sites across ten states in a probe against an Islamist group suspected of propagating hate and inciting 140 youths to fight alongside jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

The group, called The True Religion (Die wahre Religion), is now also banned, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said. German officials consider the group to be unconstitutional and against the principle of having understanding among different nations, according to DPA information.

“Across the country, jihadist Islamists came together in this group named The True Religion,” de Maiziere said at a press conference on Tuesday.

More…Police make raids against suspected ‘IS’ supporters across 10 states in Germany

A string of raids were carried out across Germany early on Tuesday morning against suspected “Islamic State” (IS) sympathizers. According to news agency DPA, the raids took place in more than 200 homes and offices across 10 federal states.

Authorities carried out searches targeting individuals belonging to the “True Religion” Salafist group (“Die wahre Religion”), who have stirred up controversy for passing out a particularly fundamentalist translation of the Koran.

The Interior Ministry confirmed the actions in a tweet, and announced a ban of the organization…