Syrian refugees in Canada: “Increased Child Tax Benefits encourages childbearing”

And not bothering to learn the language or look for work either…

“Al-Ahmad ‘s wife Dalal said that she doesn’t mind giving birth to more children. “First, I want to learn the French language and perhaps search for a suitable job. Now I’m busy with my daughter, her brothers and the housekeeping chores. That’s why I haven’t yet attended the language classes.”

Mohammad Zain Abdou (محمد زين عبدو), also a Syrian refugees resettled in Canada, used to work hard labour jobs while he and his family resided in Turkey as refugees. Speaking with Rozana Radio, Abdou said that his main motive to apply for refugee status in Canada was to ensure medical treatment to his son who suffers from cerebral edema (brain swelling). A father to five, Abdou said that he needs time to relax and that he has no plans to work in the next two years. “Canada has given me the possibility to relax myself, learn and to father children,” said Abdou explaining that birth control is forbidden.”