Who voted for Trump, stats coming in

From Marcus Roberts at MercatorNet:

Despite winning the election, the electorate has a low opinion of Trump. Only 38 per cent have a favourable opinion of him and only 35 per cent said he has the “temperament to serve effectively as President”!

Most tellingly is the fact that two-thirds of voters feel that things were “seriously off on the wrong track”. Trump took 69 per cent of this group. That I think explains his success and is a bit of an indictment on the Obama legacy. More.

Reality check: A huge problem is that political correctness and media suppression of legitimate news in many areas had made Obama’s legacy undiscussable except in private. That is why so many otherwise intelligent progressives were “stunned” when his anointed predecessor lost to someone the electorate didn’t even think well of.

They hadn’t counted on the “anybody but Hillary” factor because one wasn’t really supposed to say anything against a champion of all those unpopular PC causes. But there was one thing voters could still legally do – and they did it…

As progressives regroup and restrategize, American voters had better hang on to that last right. Typically, what goes wrong is that most people return to family, work, friends, faith, etc. But the progressive, often unencumbered by these distractions, keep working on the goals that give his life meaning. Thus he almost always wins.

So please, Americans, if you think your civil liberties are worth it, quit gloating and start ramming through change. In the four years you have, or less, start dismantling the progressive abortion-right-through-to-euthanasia state* (with stops along the way for surveillance, crackdowns against conscience rights, government media, show trials, welfare for destroyed industries, and lots of hillbilly heroin).

You don’t like the job? Guess what, it’s not up to Trump. It’s up to you.

*It was called a “cradle to grave” state before the poisonous flower opened …

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This was how well progressives understood matters before the vote. Will they be right next time?