Trump Derangement Syndrome – I think this woman needs an intervention…

I Cried When I Told My Daughters Donald Trump Will Be President

“…I kept starting with “hey, girls?” And then my mouth would dry up and the tears would well, and I would busy myself with another morning task instead. This happened three times. I didn’t want to cry when I told them. I didn’t want to alarm them. I didn’t want them to go to school with targets on their backs for talking about all the reasons Trump should not have been elected. They knew them by heart because they’ve followed this campaign with me. This is the world into which I am sending them, and they have a right to know what’s in store. But we live in Florida, and their elementary school is Trump-leaning. And I am suddenly afraid of free speech.”

Afraid of Free Speech? More likely afraid your kids will learn the truth. I can see how that could be traumatic for a deranged liberal.