Rex Murphy: It wasn’t misogyny that caused Clinton’s downfall, it was all the baggage she dragged around

From the famous “basket of deplorables,” to the legion of grief counsellors now patrolling the stricken campuses of American universities, the presidential campaign, now finally behind us, was a full clothes-line of oddities, delights and curious turns. Here are just a few of the more memorable moments from a campaign that the world will not soon forget — however hard it tries.

Boasting about her expertise in the area, and her unparalleled experience, Madonna promised to give oral sex to any man who voted for Hillary Clinton. The threat did not go unheeded: all over the country, men went into hiding and trembled with dread. Some went so far as to vote for Donald Trump as the only guaranteed prophylactic. In fact, post-election analysis determined that the prospect of a service visit from Madonna, tied with a promise from actress Lena Dunham to leave the country if Hillary Clinton lost, were major motivators for self-respecting male Democrats to come out in support of Trump.