Mashable to People Mag: Quit pretending Trump presidency is normal

From Heather Dockray at Mashable:

 Dear People Magazine: Please stop pretending the Trump presidency is normal

Donald Trump, the KKK-endorsed candidate who rose to power promising to deport millions of Americans, purge the media and sue the women who accused him of sexual assault, will be America’s president in January. And People Magazine thinks that makes just an adorable cover story.

Yesterday, People Magazine published a shiny, happy photo of Donald Trump on their cover, and shared it with a predictably glib tweet announcing that he was “hired!” (Yes, there was an exclamation point). For the readers of People Magazine, the appointment of self-identified sexual predator, who helped to bring white nationalism into the mainstream, looked normal, expected, part of our smooth democratic process, a moment worth celebrating, nothing to worry about. More.

Reality check: So? Is Dockray compelled by law to read People Magazine? I hope not; I find it to be mostly trash.

Did Dockray only just notice the trash factor when they decided to focus on Trump instead of some airhead Hollywood figures’ breakups or breakdowns?

Madame, no one can free you if you do not choose to free yourself, just by claiming your social right, as an intelligent person, to dismiss People Magazine. It troubles me that you do not see that.

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