Comedienne advises, get your abortions now, before Trump takes over

From Courtney O’Brien at Townhall:

We knew pro-abortion activists would be upset by Donald Trump’s win, but we didn’t quite know how low the rhetoric would go. One unfortunate case in point was stand-up comedian Jena Friedman’s guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s live election special on Comedy Central. As the election results came in and it was clear Trump was going to be elected our next president, she made a disgusting suggestion. (Warning: graphic language.)

“It feels like an asteroid has just smacked into our democracy,” she began. “It is so scary and sad and heartbreaking. And I just wish I could be funny. Get your abortions now because we’re going to be f**ked and we’re going to have to live with it.”

The audience did not laugh – they gasped. More.

Reality check: Let’s hope so. But remember, abortion feels normal to the progressives most dismayed by Trump. Gone is all the drivel abut abortion as an “agonizing choice.” Now that there are evidently fewer people to pretend to.

We can be pretty sure that when child euthanasia clinics are imposed on the United States by a future progressive government via the Supreme Court and the bureaucracy, the same sort of people will come up with the same sort of jokes. If progressives are ever let back into power again, there is no turning back.

We are all “the fetus” now.

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