Ban memes? Spanish Twitter alarmed with PM party’s plan to curb online ‘defaming’ images

don-quixoteA plan by the Spanish conservative PM’s party to introduce a bill that would crack down on online images “infringing the honor of a person” when posted without consent has Twitter abuzz with many interpreting it as a direct threat to… memes.

The reform proposed as a motion by the Popular Party (PP) to the congress on Tuesday aimed to update a 1982 anti-defamation law to restrict “spreading images that infringe the honor of a person” without consent. The amendment is meant to bring the law up to date with modern technology, its text stressed.

The measure, according to the MPs, should be included in the Citizens Security Law, which was introduced in July 2015 and dubbed “gag law” by critics, who slammed it for imposing restrictions on public protest and social media activism.