The left is looking to explain the election by invoking tribalism and identity politics

Identity politics and tribalism, the first being the quasi-intellectual justification for the second, are the lens through which much of our culture sees the world today. When leftists say Trump’s startling victory Tuesday represents a “whitelash” (as in whites finding a hero and voting for him en masse), they are attempting to cash out the vital ideas that this contest was really about in favor of the Marxist idea that all political change is a struggle of class and race – a zero-sum game where for one side to win, the other must lose. The left is wedded to this idea of struggle and identity because the conflict it engenders always gains leftists more centralized power, no matter whose ox is being gored at the moment. But assigning the Trump revolution to “whitelash” is particularly galling because it takes the vital ideas at the core of the Trump victory and attributes them to mere tribalism. It’s up to each of us to drag the discussion back to those ideas before the left converts this pandering into the dominant narrative.