‘It should be illegal to vote for Trump,’ WE Day rapper tells 16,000 kids

OTTAWA, November 10, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian rapper “Classified” told the 16,000 students attending WE Day in Ottawa that “it should be illegal to vote for Trump” — a statement that drew enthusiastic cheers from the waving teens and ’tweens who packed Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre.

But as Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition points out, the implicit message is that it would have been better to vote for abortion extremist Hillary Clinton.

Abortion extremist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also spoke at the Ottawa WE Day, his second appearance in as many years. Despite telling the youths at WE Day 2015 that what people say “matters deeply,” Trudeau has banned anyone with pro-life convictions from running as a candidate for the Liberal Party and refuses to allow Liberal MPs vote their conscience on life issues.