Ottawa city officials grandstand re Trump win – and it’s completely inappropriate.

From Adam Kveton at Metro News (Ottawa):

A visit by newly elected president Donald Trump to Canada’s capital could be a strain on city police, the chief Charles Bordeleau said Monday, while Mayor Jim Watson called the reality star’s election a blemish.

Bordeleau, said the election of the reality TV star may lead to increased policing costs in the near future.

In speaking to the unforeseen costs of policing some Ottawa events in 2017, Bordeleau said US presidents traditionally make their first foreign visit to Canada.

Whereas a visit from President Barack Obama could be expected to be friendly, he said a Trump visit may not have the same friendly reception.

He added that he doesn’t know if such a visit from Trump will happen, but said it’s a reality police will have to deal with. More.

Reality check: Excuse me, sirs. I am only a humble local taxpayer, a clod among the clods of the earth.

It is quite out of order for a mayor (local government) to be sounding off about international affairs. Jim Watson should leave that to the feds.

Now, about chief Bordeleau: Is he telling us that the Ottawa force, which we fund through our taxes, cannot keep order in the event of a spot of expected trouble from hooligans during a routine state visit unless we give them a whack more money?

Is this extortion? Or do we need a new police chief?

One thing Trump’s win may have done is shine the cold, harsh light of reality on the fatcrats of North America.

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