Online star formally confesses to hate crime hoax

From Los Angeles Daily News,

YouTube personality Calum McSwiggan, known for his posts and videos, has pleaded guilty to vandalizing a car, after claiming he was the victim of a hate crime, officials said.

It was during an altercation with three men on June 27 that McSwiggan damaged the car mirror and bumper of the vehicle of one of the men. Prosecutors say he then falsely told police that he had been beaten by the vehicle’s driver and two other men. More.

Reality check: Some deplore hoax hate crimes because they discredit real ones. True, but here is a more nuanced approach: As a form of disinformation, hoax hate crimes help SJWs. Far more people will hear about the panic than about the post-panic revelation of the hoax. The result is that, to the vast majority of people (those of us who do not make a special study of the matter), hate crime will feel more prevalent than it is.

To the extent that the SJW wants to ram through laws, policies, and programs that would not survive scrutiny based on the true prevalence of the problem, all is working to their benefit.

In fact, skepticism about hate crimes based on awareness of hoax reports can be interpreted as evidence of “indifference to hate.”

The only useful deterrents would be criminal charges for wasting police time and widespread publicity abut the hoax. But the latter must be done by indie media. The dying mainstream media need the easy SJW ink too badly to take something as useful as this on.

See also: More info on McSwiggan case. McSwiggin is a gay rights activist, a fact obscured in the account linked above.


What’s with SJWs and fake hate crimes?