No need to apologize, mainstream media, re fronting Clinton. You are obsolete.

A response to today’s mea culpa, mea culpa, mea media culpa …

From Will Rahn at CBS News:

Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press

First, we know you guys only care because you lost so badly that you are still in shock.

And that makes it all the harder to tell Rahn what must be said: You guys are through.

Our theme now should be humility. We must become more impartial, not less so. We have to abandon our easy culture of tantrums and recrimination. We have to stop writing these know-it-all, 140-character sermons on social media and admit that, as a class, journalists have a shamefully limited understanding of the country we cover. More.

No, Will. It’s not like that. We have the internet now. We don’t need you.

You are like the drunken stagecoach driver who upset the carriage and injured passengers. You are explaining your reform plans to a world that is rapidly developing motorized vehicles.

We wish you well with your reform plans but we do not fundamentally care.

Be sure of this, readers: We would have heard none of Rahn’s newfound “humility” if he and his cronies had succeeded in splatting Clinton into the White House, dead or alive. They’d be the “official” media of permanent progressive government, the voice of “hope and change” (and authoritarian mission creep).

What’s worse, we don’t make much of an effort to really understand, and with too few exceptions, treat the economic grievances of Middle America like they’re some sort of punchline.

Sniffle. Sob. Bawl.

No one cares now, Will. We all heard the sneers for decades. Sneers for which no “apology” could suffice.

That’s because your contempt and arrogance are and always have been and always will be straight from the heart. You’d go back to that world in a second if you had the chance, be honest.

You Big Media are all finished. Just go under quietly. We have the internet now, and all we need do is keep it free.

See also: Breitbart beats CNN and HuffPo for page views during election month. My take is that many progressives must have actually wanted to know what is going on. Simple-minded detractions of Donald Trump provide reassurance only to people who do not really want to know what is going on. Reading Breitbart gives one a much better sense of why the sea is boiling hot.

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