No justice 2 years after Muslim mob burned Christian couple alive in kiln

shahzad-masih-pregnant-wife-shama-bibiEven though last Friday marked the second anniversary of the day that a blasphemy-accused married Pakistani Christian couple was burned alive in a brick kiln by a mob of hundreds of Muslims, no justice has yet been served for those responsible for the senseless lynchings.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    So…Canada’s going to give nuclear-armed Pakistain ANOTHER $168 million next year?

    • Because it’s 2016 and prioritising Christians is disgusting.

  • simus1

    allah’s inbred minions like breaking stuff and torturing infidels to death.
    sharia suits them to a T.

  • Shebel

    Such is the Glory of Allah.

  • Me Here

    670 million non muslims in 1,400 years you would have to say “situation normal” wouldn’t you?

  • This is why I say arm Christians.