Love For Sale: Clinton’s Gated Community Is Repossessed

The Vulgarian is at the door, America. But if you think we want Babs Streisand warbling her way to Winnipeg, guess again.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential drubbing was a stunning rebuke for a most American institution: the gated community. Not the gated community of white privilege. No, this property has no guardhouse, no pristine lawns and sprinkler systems. You won’t find it listed on MLS. There is no tennis court shimmering in the midday sun.

This community is Entitlement Estates, a self-policing zip code of attitudes and self reinforcement about the rough beast that slouches beyond the progressive fence. For snowflake socialists it’s the comfy place where clever is mistaken for smart, legal taken to mean proper. A place where one set of rules applies to us, while another applies to the “deplorables”.

“This groupthink unites in white cultural guilt, the need to atone for people, places and events in some tortured past. A cultural self-contempt about race, sexual orientation, women and the environment that announces your deep compassion. A need for self abasement that speaks to your humility.”

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