Liberal theology on Trump’s win among evangelicals

From Roger O. Friedland at Religion Dispatches:

It’s about power, politics, status, class and race: How else can one explain their support of a man who has celebrated his sexual liaisons, his lust and his luxuries, who never asked God for forgiveness, who has even defended the amplitude of his penis in the Republican primary debates?

Some argue, particularly in this last erotic mud-wrestling month, that this is the end of the Christian right, that evangelicals like Jerry Falwell Jr, President of Liberty University, James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, and Franklin Graham, CEO of his father’s evangelical empire, have sacrificed their Christianity for the sake of political power.

I don’t think so. It is not just their deal with the devil. There is a consonance between their Christianity and their support for Trump.

Trump is not a Christian warrior; he is, however, a warrior for Christ. Conservative evangelicals may want Jesus to save them, but not to rule them. More.

Reality check: The censorious twaddle continues on from there.

The question of whether Christians should be driven out of business for refusing to bake wedding cakes for gays (a gross violation of their artistic conscience) or whether women should be forced to pee in public washrooms with men or nuns should be forced to hand out abortifacients is not a question about whether Jesus is Lord.

It is a question about whether progressives can shove anything they please down the throats of a helpless electorate. If the answer turns out to be no, there are indeed limits, then there will be limits.

Friedland seems to have a hard time with the fact that most evangelicals cared more about their personal liberties than about Trump’s escapades. One comes away with the distinct feeling that he thinks people should give up hard-fought, hard-won liberties for the sake of the gospel or the seamless garment or unconditional love of neighbour or… oh heck, just give it up for progressivism and cringe in self-loathing.

The religious right leaders will, in reality, gain new commitment from evangelicals if there is at least some hope that being a Christian doesn’t just mean being at the mercy of every progressive thug who draws a government cheque or a big donor lobby cheque. There is no virtue in voluntary submission to tyrants.

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