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CBC’s election coverage was so disgustingly anti-Trump, Americans actually thought it was CNN

During the state broadcaster’s election coverage last night, Danielle Moodie-Mills went off the rails when doing commentary, calling a Trump presidency “white supremacy’s last stand in America”.

This is hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow” and “We underestimated, as Americans, how deep our hatred was of the other, how deep white uneducated Americans felt about the demographic shift. We underestimated that level of insidious, blind hatred.”


Donald Trump ‘not welcome’ in Scotland, say political leaders

Scotland’s political leaders have condemned the election of Donald Trump as US President, describing him as a “racist, sexist bully” who is “not welcome” in the country despite his series of investments north of the border. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency and spoke out against Mr Trump before the vote, said she felt “a real sense of anxiety” at the outcome of the election.


Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, Make Threats After Losing Election

Rioting hit the streets of Portland and Oakland as Hillary Clinton supporters reacted badly to Donald Trump’s election victory, while death threats against the new president-elect flooded social media.

Windows were broken and cars were set on fire in Oakland as irate protesters lit flares and blocked freeways.


Cornell students hold ‘Cry In’ over Trump victory

The Cornell Daily Sun reports that students hosted a “Cry In” on the quad Wednesday in the wake of the presidential election results.

“I’m quite terrified, honestly,” one student told the campus newspaper as she took part in the event. “It’s saying that people are really given into fear-mongering. They are willing to put people down based on their identity just so that they would feel vindicated that they would be getting rid of ‘Crooked Hillary.’”


Yale Professor Cancels Exam for Snowflake Students Distraught at Election Result

Liberal students across the nation watched in shock as Donald Trump clinched victory from Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States.

But some wiped their tears, and pulled themselves together enough to ask their professors to cancel their exams because they were so upset by the results.

And one Yale economics professor heard the cry, and decided to protect his snowflake charges by making the test optional.


Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary Refuses To Bow To Islam And Wear Headscarf On Saudi Visit

On Sunday, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark began their controversial five-day tour of Saudi Arabia.

Pictures have emerged of the Australian-born Princess and her husband with the Saudi royal family and their meeting with King Salman bin Abdulaziz at the Royal Palace.


Open Letter To All Of The Whiny Safe Space Liberals Crying Over Our ‘Racist’ And ‘Sexist’ Country

I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sick and tired of these uninformed jackholes telling me that I’m racist, sexist, Islamophobic and homophobic. They have no basis for those claims. They’re consumed by their emotions. Do they honestly believe Hillary Clinton lost solely because she’s a woman? It couldn’t possibly have anything with her being a pathological liar who’s spent her entire life pursuing political power? It had nothing to do with the fact that America’s not satisfied with her vision for America– an America with open borders, higher taxes and more bureaucratic scumbags in D.C. telling us how to run our lives?


Georgia: Atlanta Mosque Blares Islamic Call to Prayer Through Neighborhood

Masjid Al-Mu’minun, a mosque in south Atlanta, is one of the few that play the call to prayer over external speakers, letting the sound drift through the neighborhood. Ahmed Najee-ullah, a leader in the congregation, said neighbors set their watches by it.

“We are in those parts of the African-American community where a lot of people wouldn’t venture and the communities that we’re in appreciate us being there,” he said. “They have this perception that we represent the best in them.”


New study quantifies your personal contribution and guilt over Arctic sea ice melt

From the MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAFT and the department of “it’s all YOUR fault and it’s worse than we thought” comes this guilt trip over Arctic sea ice from Greenpeace activist and NSIDC scientist (now just a person because she stopped be a scientist when she became started accepting Greenpeace assistance, IMO) Julienne Stroeve. Of course, Stroeve has no explanation of what caused dramatic sea ice melt in 1922, but she’s certain you caused it today.


Muslims in U.S. on Trump: “We know he sees us as less than human”

Nora Nashawaty, a 23-year-old Syrian-American student living in Chicago, said of Trump: “We know he doesn’t want to listen to us, and we know that he sees us as less than human.”

She knows that? Muslims know that? On what basis? Has Trump ever said anything remotely to that effect? Of course not. She says that because Trump has proposed a temporary ban on immigration from Muslim countries, so as to keep jihad terrorists out. The alternative to this proposal is to let in jihad terrorists who will kill Americans. Imagine how she would react if she ever encountered someone who really thought she was less than human. But this rhetoric is deliberately hysterical: it is designed to intimidate people into opposing measure such as that immigration ban, on the grounds that it is tantamount to considering Muslims less than human.