We have a few more years for a covered retreat against progressives.

As I wrote to a friend, it would be good to start taking some ground back but at least getting as any people as possible out of their path would be a help.

See, for example, Women’s Mag: The Woes Of Mothers Seeking To Abort Viable Kids

 Reality check: Once infant euthanasia is routine and child euthanasia is legal, such bans will be unenforceable, Otherwise, only children from six to nine months in the womb are protected and all others are fair game.

The touted “seamless garment” will be woven complete.

See also: Belgium’s Parliament Votes Through Child Euthanasia

Child Euthanasia Centre Soon To Open In Netherlands

Dutch To Offer Euthanasia To Persons Not Terminally Ill


Sex Abuse Victim In Her 20s Allowed To Choose Euthanasia In Holland After Doctors Decided Her Post-Traumatic Stress And Other Conditions Were Incurable

Can you imagine how this will affect populations more vulnerable than North American when it spreads? That’s why I couldn’t believe that people were taking so many accusations against Trump so seriously.  Trump doesn’t belong to the faction that is promoting all this. Clinton does.Please, people, let that sink in. – d.