US Election Day Open Thread

Hooray for America!











Trump must be victorious, being made to listen to Hillary Clinton’s voice for a minimum of 4 years or until she’s jailed, whichever comes first, is inhumane.

Keep Refreshing Drudge Report. (Be careful about Drudge Exit polls – the Clinton media leak the most favourable only)

New York Times Election Results Map by State.

Breitbart Live Updates.

CBS News, NBC News, CNN

PJ Media’s First Ever All-Day Drunkblog

Twitter #ElectionNight



Daily Caller

Real Clear Politics


Have a link suggestion or news or just wanna bitch about Hillary’s latest affront to humanity? Let us know in the comments!

Your Complete Guide To Election Day And Night: What To Watch For And When

Theo Caldwell Discussing the US Election on CTV News – this is good;)

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