I doubt he gives a damn about you Justin…

Justin Trudeau congratulates president-elect Trump, vows to ‘move forward in a positive way’

“We’re going to keep working with people right around the world. We’re going to work with our neighbours, and I’m going to work with president-elect Trump’s administration, as we move forward in a positive way for, not just Canadians and Americans, but the whole world,” Trudeau said to a round of applause from thousands of youth taking part in a WE Day event in Ottawa.

A WE Day event? This is how Justin spends his time?  At a Socialist Indoctrination Day Camp for the Teeny-Bopper set? Well he’s certainly found his level.

As for Rona Ambrose her contempt for Trump is on the public record, I do hope Trump insults her.

The less said about career public tit sucker Mulcair the better, only Harper should merit a thank you from Trump.