Democrats Have Only Themselves To Blame For Trump

Eight years of unilateral rule. A decade of vacuous identity politics. A dreadful candidate. It all adds up to President Donald Trump.

While in many ways the 2016 presidential contest was an uprising against the establishment, let’s face it, Republicans weren’t punished last night. And that’s not a new development. This will be the fourth consecutive election in which the GOP has won the Senate and House. Nearly every conventional conservative Senate candidate — the ones Donald Trump’s fans supposedly hate — all ran ahead of the GOP nominee. In Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin — nearly everywhere. This includes Republicans who were reticent supporters or outright critics of Trump.

Only the Democrats are to blame?

I was surprised to see anti-Trump Republican pols emerge unscathed last night, but then it is a two party system.

Much credit has to be given to Wikileaks for exposing the rot of the Clinton-Media cabal and the Clinton foundation.

While individual pols were not punished the Republican establishment proved itself little different from the Democratic party and together have earned a profound and enduring contempt.

There’s plenty of “blame” to go round and the Republicans had best first remove the plank from their own eye.