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Philly Union Workers Intimidate Republicans, Illegal Electioneering All Over Polling Station

Shocking video out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shows illegal electioneering going down with Democratic propaganda signs plastered all over the polling station!

Jack Posobiec says Philly union workers were also intimidating Republicans!

This is totally illegal!


U. Michigan professor rails against voting Trump in lengthy classroom rant

A University of Michigan scholar went on a self-described “rant” in class on Monday telling students that if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gets elected they will lose their civil liberties and that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, among other dire warnings about a Trump presidency predicted by the teacher, according to a video of the comments obtained by The College Fix.

Lecturer Bruce Conforth began his “History of American Popular Music” course on Monday — the same day President Barack Obama stumped on campus for Hillary Clinton — by saying democracy has gotten to the point where it seems like it’s often a choice between the lesser of two evils.


WIKILEAKS: We’re Under Cyber Attack!

WikiLeaks has been experiencing “unrelenting” cyber attacks over the last 24 hours, the group announced Tuesday on Twitter.

The open secrets organization released yet another batch of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account on Tuesday, but trying to access them often generates an “internal server error” message.


Another day, another terror suspect in Canada: Time to focus on the recruiters?

The RCMP have an overwhelming task monitoring would-be jihadis in Canada and those involved in the jihad abroad. A report last year put the number of Canadians who have gone overseas to participate in terrorist activities at 145, most of them in Iraq and Syria.


White teacher is suspended from school for wearing the same Michael Jordan mask and costume he’s worn for 18 years

Colino has apologized to his students, but said he’s worn the same costume to the school for 18 years and insists his intent was to ‘honor’ Jordan, not cause offense.


CBC threatens podcast app makers, argues that RSS readers violate copyright

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation publishes several excellent podcasts, notably the As It Happens feed; like every podcast in the world, these podcasts are available via any podcast app in the same way that all web pages can be fetched with all web browsers — this being the entire point of podcasts.

In a move of breathtaking, lawless ignorance, the CBC has begun to send legal threats to podcast app-makers, arguing that making an app that pulls down public RSS feeds is a “commercial use” and a violation of the public broadcaster’s copyrights.


The Hamas Supporters Who Brought Out The Muslim Vote

The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) is boasting that its voter registration campaign “One Million Voters” across mosques and schools has doubled the number of registered Muslim voters to over a million.

The media is cheering this development even though USCMO has a history that makes the KKK look downright sunny. USCMO was in the news last year for its statement denying the Muslim genocide of Armenians and arguing that any recognition of the massacre must also recognize “Muslim suffering.”


This is humankind’s ‘great urbanisation’. We must do it right, or the planet will pay

Almost as staggering as the current enormous influx into cities across the globe is the dramatic slowdown in urbanisation that will follow it. The world is literally going to town on urbanisation – but it is a project that is both immense and historically fleeting.