Why I Voted for Trump—Unabashedly

Most of those few pundits who support Donald Trump—not to mention many of his backers that pop up in comments sections and elsewhere—moderate their approval of the candidate with such caveats as “flawed,” “imperfect, ” “damaged,” “blemished,” “not my first choice,” etc., etc.

I did that myself on more than one occasion for purposes of what is popularly called “virtue signaling” (I’m no bigot, sexist or whatever, but still…) or, more subtly, to create an atmosphere where my more contrarian readers would listen to my arguments or, at minimum, finish the article. (Hey, we all know Trump’s got his problems, but think about this….)

I’m not proud of it. It’s a show of weakness on several levels, but basically… I lied.

I have supported Donald Trump unabashedly from the moment I thought it was clear he would win the nomination.