College kids need help coping with US election

From staff at The College Fix:

Allegheny College is hosting two post-Election Day decompression events for faculty and students “who wish to process the election in an open and welcoming space.”

“On Election Day, we are mindful that for many of us this election season has been particularly troublesome and discomfiting. Its aftermath may be just as, if not more, difficult to navigate,” the college states on its website. More.

Reality check: Funny, I was just visiting my dad, a WWII veteran (now 97), and can’t help reflecting on the responsibilities people that age shouldered in the 1940s, defeating the Nazis.

These kids sound like they couldn’t deal with an inappropriate remark, let alone a murderous regime. Actually, they can’t! And they and their parents paid for that.

Make no mistake though: Inside many of these blubbering Betties and bawling Bobs lurks a precious little asshat from the elite junior jackboot corps at Asscrat U. And once they get into power, they’ll fix u.

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