Christian racism? Election years bring dangerous creatures from the shadows

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet: Just recently, one Russell Kirk (probably a pseudonym*) blind-copied me on a post to “oxfordchristia” to advise me that

Many younger Bible-centered conservative Christians have declared war on Christian Cultural Marxism.

At first I thought, well, if young Christians want to live, they had better learn the difference between friends and foes, between life and death. But then, “Kirk” goes on to say,

What is Christian Cultural Marxism? In general Christian Cultural Marxists support (1) mass 3rd world immigration, (2) whites adopting non-whites instead of making white babies, and (3) Cultural Marxist agendas of “fighting racism”.

Huh? I’m an oldster, and I well remember the huge role non-Marxist Christian institutions played in ending legal racial discrimination in mid-century North America. Christianity, applied, obviates racism because all are sinners and Christ died for all. In any event, how could Christians be better off fighting each other on the basis of race when so many atheists with global power—hostile to any serious religion—are arrayed against us all?

“Kirk” continues:More.

Reality check: Many working class Americans are only now beginning to realize that golbalization does not mean global advancement, it means global averaging, with them as big losers. Boobs, rubes, hicks, and bubbas, subject to all the contempt that the progressive establishment, both Dem and GOP, can heap on them.

What else should we expect when, for example, government workers now outnumber manufacturing workers in the United States. That cannot lead to prosperity but can lead to the endless cycle of grievance, entitlement, crackdowns, chaos… keep stirring until fully dissolved…

See also: Fewer than one third trust media fact checking One problem that will make everything worse is that most media will simply not be sources of reliable news. One must then hunt for accurate news that matters to oneself that  in a climate that is growing increasingly hostile to independent media.

Increasingly hostile?

The United States has created a global “First Amendment” space for the internet, in the sense that Americans tend to assume that the default position is freedom rather than control. “For the hours you are online, you have virtually emigrated to the United States”. Recent loss of US control means loss of this default position, which is likely to be keenly felt elsewhere.