Celebrity idiots tweet about Trump…

Trump Mean Tweets

One of the most pathetic scenes I’ve witnessed this election has to be Bruce “Workin Man” Springsteen singing for the Clinton Foundation.

Trump cuts loose on final night

On Monday night, Trump talked to some extent about his issues – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, combatting drugs and illegal immigration, and rooting corruption out of Washington – but seemed more animated by the improvisational, often comic, riffs that served him so well during the GOP primaries.

At several points during the speech, Trump compared his crowd-pulling abilities to Clinton’s. He said the only reason she drew big crowds the past week – including a massive one Monday night in Philadelphia with Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen – was because she got rock stars to campaign for her.

“Hillary can’t fill a room,” Trump said. “Look, this is called, this is called filling a stadium. And I have no guitar and no piano, right?