Women’s mag: The woes of mothers seeking to abort viable kids

From Sylvia A. Harvey at Elle:


Learning of an anomaly is already life altering, Kade says; abortion restrictions just serve to make the experience more daunting. “It feels like an emergency to them,” she said, but the restrictions make time crawl. A patient who arrives at her clinic on a Friday, for instance, often has to wait until the clinic is open again on Tuesday of the following week to start the procedure. “The time from when they find out until they seek resources and seek care, it’s really a horrible, horrible experience for them. The state makes such an effort to condemn them. And they feel that.”

Women who wait a few extra weeks—whether to complete additional tests or to make travel arrangements—often find themselves at the Boulder Abortion Clinic. Hern’s clinic is one of only three in the country that perform abortions after 26 weeks. (The others are in Maryland and New Mexico.) There used to be another, in Wichita, Kansas, until that provider, Dr. George Tiller, was assassinated in 2009. Hern said he wakes up every day expecting to be shot.More.

Reality check: Once infant euthanasia is routine and child euthanasia is legal, such bans will be unenforceable, Otherwise, only children from six to nine months in the womb are protected and all others are fair game.

The touted “seamless garment” will be complete.

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