Wikileaks: Clinton and Her Team Deeply Involved in UN LGBT Minutiae

From Ausin Ruse at C-Fam:

NEW YORK, November 4 (C-Fam) Leaked emails show how intimately familiar and ardently concerned Hillary Clinton and her closest advisors are with the minutiae of social policy debates and how they intend to use its arcane language to promote “sexual rights” in traditional countries.

Even UN insiders find language surrounding “sexual and reproductive health” tedious. The opposite is true of Clinton’s top staff, whose emails show they put the utmost priority on seemingly trivial combinations and arrangements of words.

In an email exchange in 2015 regarding Clinton’s 2015 launch of her foundation’s “No Ceilings” campaign, the Clinton campaign’s manager John Podesta and its top foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan urged that Clinton include the novel term “sexual and reproductive health and rights” instead of the accepted UN formulation “sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.” The new arrangement of words was meant as a way to shoe horn lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights into the women’s initiative. More.

Reality check: It’s our mistake if we think that doesn’t matter. Trivial rearrangements of words could find teen girls sharing locker rooms with “questioning” guys. But maybe those girls need to get over an obsession with being female anyway, right? And everyone knows that’s only the beginning. Progressive has no bottom.

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