‘My existence is a provocation’ – how campus culture has become hostile to Jews.

Protesters blocked the doors. They banged on the doors and windows. And they brought a sound system. There was banging and chanting. At one point, three or four protesters got in through the window. After 10 minutes inside the room, they left the room with the police. Police are blocking the doors but not stopping the protesters… Everything is louder and louder and I think to myself, I won’t be able to speak.’

Hen Mazzig is describing the scene that met him when he came to speak at University College London (UCL) a week ago. The venue for the event had to be changed twice because of aggressive protesters. After the event was brought to an abrupt end, student attendees had to be escorted out by police, and Mazzig was given a ‘disguise’ by security and told to ‘keep running’ until he was safely off-campus.

What on Earth could Mazzig have done to spark such outrage?