There is no serious argument for re-electing Democrats. History proves that

“…There is and has been, and can be, no serious argument to be made for re-electing the Democrats. The only Democratic campaign has been a Niagara Falls of smears of Trump, whose often asinine juvenility has turned half his campaign into an attack ad against himself. But Trump’s success, these last days, in pulling even with the Obushtons and forcing the revolt against the political cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s possible perjury to the FBI and seizing the momentum, has been a historic triumph. First he smashed the Republican elders — the pallid Bush-McCain-Romney chorus of quiescent mediocrity and the Cruz-crazies, who believe they hear God and want to hand the Pentagon to the National Rifle Association. He has now faced down and apologized for the awful Billy Bush tape and weathered the succession of New York Times’ spontaneous complainants alleging that Donald had touched them without permission decades ago. After prevailing in the second debate as his campaign disintegrated under the impact of the off-mic tape release, and then in the third debate, he has shown that qualities of strength lurk beneath the brass and garish veneer of his public personality.”